Image of Frances Wise, Jazz Singer London, Performer, Entertainer

The early years

Being named Frances after Ol’ Blue Eyes himself – Francis Albert Sinatra – there was perhaps an odd inevitability about my desire to sing. I grew up in a South London household where, although nobody played any musical instruments, I had access to my parents’ eclectic library of vinyl. At a very young age my siblings and I were particularly knowledgeable when it came to The Beatles and Barbra Streisand.

I loved to sing and in my teens I started dipping my toe into youth theatre productions, punk bands, cabaret and the like but it wasn’t until I arrived at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow that I really started to find my voice.

My musical journey

The drama training I received at the Scottish Academy is what brings a real element of performance to my singing. When I'm in front of an audience I want to share what I’m feeling and take them on my journey with me.

Since graduating, (now a long time ago!), I have always had my finger in some kind of musical pie. I am constantly listening to and learning from other singers and musicians; it’s a continual work in progress.

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